Wednesday, November 6, 2013

6x09 - Disciple - Promotional Photos

"Disciple” -- Castle and Beckett arrive at a crime scene to discover that the female victim bears a shocking resemblance to Medical Examiner Lanie Parish. As the team tries to make sense of this mystery, they realize the killer may be targeting detectives of the 12th Precinct. Annie Wersching ("24") guest stars as Dr. Kelly Nieman, an exclusive Manhattan cosmetic surgeon who draws Castle and Beckett's interest because of her connection to the victim, on "Castle," MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18.

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  1. I can't wait for this one!!! Someone targeting the 12th?! Could 3xK have a disciple or perhaps a copycat killer? I'm sure it made the news that Jerry tried to kill Castle and Beckett on the bridge. I can see some nutjob trying to get 5 minutes of fame.

    1. It has been reported that Jerry Tyson would be mentioned but not actually appear sometime during the season.

    2. Hi, James!!!

      I've missed you. Where you been hiding out at? I've seen a few posts lately from you, but not as much as before. I always enjoy reading your thoughts! Don't ever stop posting them!!!

    3. Yeah I've been around, just content on watching the new season and see how it plays out and commenting some of my thoughts.

      Ever since 3XK, I've been waiting for a copycat to appear, a wanabe whom wants to pay homage to the serial killer and what better target than the very people who are trying to capture him.

      I don't think any of us believed that he was dead. it was just too easy and no body was ever found. If it was to be final, then the action would have ended with scenes of he's dead body, not him falling off a bridge.

      Although it is unlikely, I've been thinking about what could happen at the end of the season. Following the success conclusion of a entirely separate case, Beckett and Castle are relaxing in their apartment, unaware that they are being watched by a shadowy figure. Could this be 3XK himself?

      However, it could be that the case has nothing to do with 3XK. A couple of seasons ago in NCIS, there was a serial killer who dedicated the murders to Ducky, which later turned out to be he's girlfriend at the time. This premise has also been covered in a number of other crime dramas.

      I have this thinking where, a nutjob has some fixation with Lanie, killing anyone whom looks like her or her close friends. Daring her friends to catch them before they fulfill their sick game.

      But we will just have to see and enjoy the episode and see how it plays out.

      Although I am largely happy with the last season, there is something which I did miss. The back and forth theorizing which Beckett and Castle do when they are solving the case or the 'I know who the killer is'. I love the amused looks that everyone gave them, when they were doing it. I'm sure it will be back at some point, now they are firmly settled with their future.

    4. I agree with you about missing certain elements of the past before they became a couple. Last season I wondered if they did it on purpose, but this season they haven't gone back to them speaking similar thoughts at the same time. Howeverx in Like Father episode they did have Castle/Alexis do it, so I may be right that they cut it out on purpose. I also noticed that Beckett has been bringing coffee to Castle and the norm with Castle doing it hasn't been going on, but they've only been back in the precinct a few episodes and they've had Castle distracted with Pi/Alexis.

      I love this show still, so if they want to pull back on some things and set up new things for us to enjoy, i'll give them the chance to do that. I'm more than pleased with this season and always allow room for growth and change as a show ages.

      As for the copycat killer.... I would love to see that. I think 3xK and Bracken will be back soon. I found it interesting around the filming of episodes 9 and 10 that Stana told us to follow Jack Coleman (Bracken) on Twitter as he was just joining Twitter. Makes me wonder why around that time would she do that.

      And they have been keeping 3xK a secret since he came on the show. We never seem to know when he will appear.

      I can't wait to see how it all plays out!

    5. I am really enjoying this season. I just don't think there is anything to complain about. The complaints that I have been reading are just minor things. Give the show a chance to play things out. I think the cases have been interesting and Beckett and Castle have definately grown in their relationship. Whats not to like about this season?

    6. Bracken is going to be back but it is in what role he has to do with a case. I don't think Beckett will have to or want to protect him again, because basically she wouldn't give him a second chance.

      So therefore, it will probably involve her moms case in some way, i.e new evidence is found or he is behind something else which gives her a chance to take him down once and for all. Who knows we might even meet some of Mr Smith's friends, because I don't think he was working alone in protecting Beckett.

      I'm just waiting for James Brolin to re-enter the frail, can you imagine a fight between him and Bracken, wonder whom would come of worse. Bracken probably despite all the military contacts that he has.

      Also it's going to be a really great episode when he meets his future daughter-in-law finally in person, also to re-united with Martha for however short time it is.

    7. I agree, Joe. I think the complaints have been a big messy overreaction. Lol!

      Pi is harmless. I like him. I laughed at antics and found Castle's reactions hilarious, too. Then the fighting between Castle/Alexis made for soke good drama/conflict and the resolution was so good! I also hope Castle gives Pi a chance to redeem himself and that he actually begins to like Pi.

      I also look forward to the supporting cast getting to shine again. Wild Rover was one of the best episodes last season and Disciple is sounding like another good one with it being focused on Lanie.

      And Caskett have been great! I love all the growth we're seeing and the two of them are so comfortable now and trying to build a family as they plan for their wedding.

      I am more than patient to let things play out and to watch the characters and relationships to evolve with a god case to boot!

    8. I agree with you shawn about Wild Rover, but I do like Scared to Death just as well.

      I like these 2 episodes mainly because they both have scenes at the end where Beckett peels off another layer of the Castle onion. Things that he's previous wifes, couldn't get anywhere near, because he couldn't open up to them.

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  3. Poor Lanie...this is gonna be intense.
    I'm so happy we'll get to see more of Lanie/Tamala. And maybe some Kate/Lanie talks again, but in reverse; Kate being there for Lanie this time, when/if she needs to talk. I can't wait for this episode. T minus 10 days and counting. :)

    1. Same here! I cant wait to see the team working together to protect one of their own and each other! These episodes where the Fab Four do this are some of my favs, especially with Lanie and Gates involved! I miss them when they are not in an episode!

    2. Shawn I agree. I love when the 12th family all work together and have each other's backs. It was one of my favorite things about LFLD, how everyone was working like a well-oiled machine to help Alexis. :)
      I love Lanie and Gates so it's a treat to see them more since they're not on as much sometimes. I love Perlmutter too so I loved that he was mentioned in LFLD even though he wasn't around. Usually we see Lanie and Perlmutter is not mentioned, and vice versa in Perlmutter's episodes. But they're both M.E.'s for the same precinct so him being mentioned during Lanie and Kate's talk was fun, part of that family. Not to mention the context in which he was mentioned was hilarious. lol

  4. What!? HELL 2 THE NO! Lanieee. She can't die. And what about she and Espo!? I always shipped them, they're so cute <3 The 2° cutest couple after Casket.
    Can't wait 4 this ep, btw.

  5. That all sounds great, but Hunt vs. Bracken sounds too much like a fan fic, imo, but it'd make for some great stuff!

    I can see Bracken being caught up in another scandal and Kate and Rick will bring him down together. Remember when she told him that she wanted him by her side when she caught the sons of bitches that killed her mother? I so hope it plays out that way!

    I also hope Kate does get to meet Hunt. And hopefully we'll get to learn his real name!

  6. I'm still waiting for Kate to call in to that favor Bracken owes her...

    And I do hope that when it'll be time to close Joanna's case - whenever that might be - Castle will be the one to come up with the plan to arrest Bracken. I mean, of course I want it to be a team effort (especially a Caskett team effort) but I really really want Castle to be the master behind Bracken's downfall.
    That way he'd be able to state that the story always matters, and that Bracken should have known that the pen is mightier than the sword.

    1. Well the last time they met, Castle made it very clear to Bracken that after what he'd done to Beckett, he wouldn't have saved him during the explosion.

      Therefore I'm sure that Bracken knows exactly, what Castle is capable of. Also I'm sure that Bracken already knows what sort of resources that Castle can call on and the favors that he is owed.

      Perhaps, it might be just me, but he did have a disconcerted look when Castle made this very clear. I think part of this was when he realized, that not only does he have Beckett on his tail, but also a equally determined Castle as well.

      Anyway, both Castle and Beckett and perhaps Ryan, Espo and even Gates, might know whom was behind the attempted framing of the Mayor. But we will see how it plays out in the future.

      Just like a pair of spiders waiting for Bracken to fall into their web.

  7. Going for a totally different tangent - maybe this episode delves in to Lanie's past. Maybe she had a relationship that went sour which has led to her commitment issues & maybe the murderer is warning her - if I can't have you no one can

    1. Very possible, but why would they kill the espo look alike? No it's more likely that the killer is actually targeting the precinct, daring Lanie to figure out who it is with the medical evidence.

  8. The title Disciple makes me think someone is working under someone else for a common cause.

    If it's Tyson, it would make more sense for someone to target the 12th for him and maybe for something that they (the 12th) did to him or her as well.

    Tyson did say he could change his looks. It makes me wonder if the attractive plastic surgeon doesn't have a past with Jerry and may be involved with his revenge against the 12th. The victims look like Lanie and Espo. How creepy. Someone as methodical as Jerry would take the effort to pay someone to have surgery to look like Lanie and Espo. The guy gave Ryan's gun to a former inmate that eventually was used in a crime. He didn't even have to pay for that. He waited for a while not knowing that the gun would ever be used, but knowing one day that it would since he gave it to a criminal.

    What makes Jerry so creepy is the guy has patience and can sneak up on you and use others to get to his enemies. Look what he did to the foster brothers in 3xK. He used the health condition of one to get the other to do his dirty work.

    Someone has to be giving him money or he's scamming for money. I can see a plastic surgeon falling for Jerry and getting caught up in his plot to get revenge on Castle. Last time we saw him he told Castle he was watching him, Beckett, and his family. He got into the precinct easily. I am pretty sure he's been watching Castle's friends, too.

    What a sicko.

    I admit. I love to hate Jerry Tyson aka 3xK. I have enjoyed all the episodes centered around him.

    I hope Disciple is 3xK related somehow.