Sunday, October 20, 2013

6x05 - Time Will Tell - Discussion Post



    I really liked this episode. The case was interesting and kept me intrigued throughout. I love that the killer was known but they had to find him. We usually meet the killers early in the episode, but this week and last the twists and turns in the case kept me guessing how things would be resolved.

    Beckett and any trace of DC have been cleared away. No Sully, either. I doubt if we learn of his fate, but it won't bother me if we do or don't learn it. I'm just glad the gang is back together in NY.

    I really loved the scene at the power plant when Beckett and Castle were attacked. Castle's first word when he came to was her name. It would have been nice to have them check each other over, but I guess Marlowe and Miller wanted the case to keep the momentum of suspense going.

    I did LOL at the idea of who Beckett becomes in the future and how many times she and Castle procreate, but i'll share that later after everyone else has viewed the episode.

    It is very interesting that Doyle mentioned Beckett as the reason why he couldn't believe they marry and about the crazy things they go through. If i'm to guess something else happens in the future that the fandom will be coming down hard on Beckett again. HaHa!

    No surprise there.

    The way I look at it is if Marlowe and Miller penned it and had Doyle point to Beckett and mention the crazy things that they go through and they marry and procreate anyways, Caskett continue to work on their issues and get past it... together.

    I love the mystery at the end... was Doyle just crazy or was he a time traveler? This episode reminded me of something that could fit in S3 or S4. Mostly S3, though.

    Really solid episode. Not as good as Number One Fan, but still solid.

    Other things I loved:

    Castle and Alexis being at odds with each other and Castle finally putting his foot down about the Pi issue. I love to see a good fight between parents/kids and couples. It's how things get out that may hurt, but is one step closer to a resolution once people begin to communicate their fears and concerns and thoughts/opinions, etc.

    Castle and Beckett talking about their future together/wedding vows and both of them so secure in their relationship this season.

    Beckett bringing Castle coffee in the precinct. I just loved this so much.

    Espo watches Dr. Who. Loved that whole exchange between Espo/Castle/Ryan/Beckett.

    Castle's time traveler theory with eye rolls from Espo and Beckett and how Beckett cut him down afterward was funny. Ryan interested and intrigued. So good to have the Fab Four back together.

    Seeing Lanie in the morgue with Caskett.

    More in the next post...

    1. SPOILERS:

      Things I loved:

      Senator Beckett?? INTERESTING!

      Castle writing serious literature? INTERESTING!

      Loved the Ryan/Espo and other cops catching the bad guy at the end at the planetarium! Good stuff!!

      Joshua Gomez rocked!! Love my Morgan Grimes and he did a great job in this episode!

      Now onto the Caskett and Alexis/Pi issue....
      Castle sharing his concerns about Alexis moving in with Pi with Beckett and Beckett giving advice to Castle about Alexis. I noticed Beckett took a breath before giving advice about Alexis moving in with Pi, which makes me wonder if she was expecting Castle to get upset, but he didn't and she gave him similar advice as Martha about letting Alexis figure this out on her own and not to force his hand as a father because he may end up pushing her away in the end. I just love it when they talk about Alexis.

      Beckett giving Castle a peck on the cheek at the precinct and confirming with him that they'd talk later. That reminded me of the end of Secret's Safe With Me (minus the peck on the cheek) with her wanting to talk to him later after spending all day with him when they go their separate ways.

      Castle & Alexis at the end was so sad. I do think Castle is right to be so concerned, especially since Castle mentioned it's been a little over a month and she's moving in with Pi. I thought at least a few months had passed since Valkyrie, but only a month. I guess that makes sense since we've been seeing Alexis at home and not in college. Her classes haven't started up yet.

      I agree with Castle, but I think Beckett gave sound advice to let Alexis figure this out on he own.I do think Beckett is on to something and that Alexis may be feeling a bit lost and confused as to what her place is in the world right now with him being engaged to Beckett and things changing drastically in her life with her dad moving on in his life with Beckett.

      I believe Alexis will get wise to the fact that she may be rushing into things with Pi, but sometimes letting our kids go may be the hardest thing to do, but sometimes it does help them grow and mature when they face their own failures head on and learn from them. OR it may end up being the best things for them if they find success out their own their own, which also helps them grow and mature.

      I really love the setup to the future of Castle/Beckett/Alexis discussing the engagement and how it has changed things for them.

      I really do think Alexis is ok with the engagement, but things need to be discussed to clear any misunderstandings or assumptions.

      I love that Beckett cares about Alexis enough to speak on her behalf. Castle will never be ok with Alexis living with anyone and needed to hear another side of things from someone else's perspective. In the end, his "too soon" comment clarifies that he's listening to Beckett and letting Alexis figure this out on her own.

      Castle and Beckett communicating so openly... just blows my mind how god they are being written this season, but then again, I have loved them in every season and every episode! I just love this show and Caskett and everything else!

    2. I forgot to mention that Alexis is still focused on her education and doing a work study program and she doesn't expect Castle to pay for her apartment with Pi. She's still resourceful and smart, but she is still young and naïve and will make mistakes. I do think she's too young and doesn't know Pi well enough to move in with him, but this is good conflict to bring up between Castle and Alexis. For so long things have gone virtually smoothly between them. The past couple of seasons we are seeing Alexis learning to be her own woman. I know Castle will always be there for her and supportive even if he doesn't agree with her choices, but I think Alexis has the right to find her own way and Beckett knows from experience what it's like to be in her shoes, so I love the advice that she gave Castle.

      She is an adult. She's 19 now. I was out on my own at 19, too. It was scary and I didn't always make the right decisions, but I had family there to help me through the hard times I fell on after leaving the nest. I think Alexis has a great support system and will hopefully do well on her own. I don't wish her failure, but if it happens, I hope she learns from it.

      I think Beckett is right that the more Castle to control her, the more Alexis will want to rebel. We've seen this side of Alexis before. I just hope Pi treats her well and doesn't hurt her. I have a feeling she may end up hurting him, though. They're rushing things for sure, but I think Castle should give her some distance to figure it out.

      Pi appears to be harmless. If he were some thug with an attitude, I wouldn't be saying what i'm saying, but nothing about Pi tells me that Castle needs to be concerned about Alexis' safety at least... with him. Now financially, yes, he should be concerned. Castle will worry about this for a while, but with time, hopefully it will work out for Alexis.

      Parents always think the worst, and that's okay, but at some point they have to let go of their kids and let them fly on their own.

      I feel sorry for Castle. His little girl isn't little anymore and he can't lock her up in her room forever.

      I love this storyline! I can't wait to see how it plays out.

  2. Hey shawn!

    Sorry sweetie but I just can't like Pi. I HATE HIM. I am actually starting to not like Alexis as well. It has gotten to the point that maybe I wish she would have been accepted to Stanford and left the show, only returning like, once or twice a season. The story line works if they had someone other than Pi. I just can't see how you like him. I just think he is an awful actor. But anyway, I am so glad someone likes him haha.

    I really don't believe he is from the future. Like If they did say he really was ... that would be jumping the shark... seriously... its one thing to have world war three possibly happen with terrorist stuff.. but no sci fi. I am not sure I would be able to keep watching if they seriously said he was from future. We all know they will have issues, I just think Andrew used this as a way to tell the audience to be prepared that their will be drama still. Not that the future stuff is real but to wake up the audience that they still will have issues.

    I really want them to bring back her Psychologist and have them both see him. That they have him be like almost a couple's counselor to them and have them actually address their issues and problems from past seasons. And also their past relationships.

    Forever Caskett fan, even if they do sci fi stupid future stuff I will not abandon Caskett.

    Alexandra Katherine

    1. Sorry. Sarcasm is hard to pick out online. This is Castle. I wasn't really serious about him being from the future. The show loves to play with the possibility that something is possible, even if it's so out of this world and ludicrous, lol.

      As for Pi, I don't know him enough to love or hate him, but I don't dislike him, either.

      I think this fandom hates a character every season that sticks around for more than one episode that comes between Caskett and in this case Pi because he bothers Castle, so I get it. I usually enjoy the obvious plot devices because they help get the story moving and challenge the characters in some way that can lead to good storytelling.

      I have enjoyed Will, Demming, Josh, Jacinda,Gina, Sophia, Ashley, Fallon, Pi....

      But I get that not everyone does.

      There has only been 2 characters in all my tv viewing that I can say I hated and I have watched plenty of tv.

      Trust me when I say Pi is doing what he's supposed to do and the story is moving along now and we're geting to the point of it all and this episode felt like the setup of something to come that we haven't yet seen. Beckett's input has been heard. Castle has put his foot down and Alexis is leaving anyways. Now what? I can't wait to find out.

      I.highly doubt Pi will be the love of Alexis' life as he is now, but who knows? He may turn out to be a great guy! Or maybe not. I'll let things play out a little bit more before saying I hate him.

      Honestly. What has he done that we haven't seen on before?

      Alexis is dating someone almost like her dad if you think about it. Castle knew no boundaries in the beginning with Beckett. He interrupted her days a lot in the beginning. Annoyed her. Pretended to not know he was annoying her, but he did everything he could to like her. Someone could say he didn't respect Beckett and her space. He was a nice guy and was harmless and began to grow on Beckett.

      Pi has no boundaries in Castle's home. He is dumb to the fact that he's annoying. He is harmless. His antics are used for comedy most of the time. I laugh at him like I laughed at Castle and still laugh at Castle's antics with Beckett.

      I don't get the Pi hatred to the point of wanting the actor fired, but to each his/her own. He isn't the worse characte ever in the history of tv. He does have a purpose and after tonight's episode, that was made clear. He also is really trying to get along with Castle in spite of him living on Castle's couch.

      Pi could learn some boundaries and respect Castle's space, and well... could be more motivated, but who's to say he won't learn to be a provider and earn Castle's respect?

      He is a kid like Alexis. In time they will eventually learn from their mistakes.

      That being said, Pi may not be around much longer. Maybe he will. He doesn't bother me. I see him one scene an episode. What's the big deal?

      Don't answer. I have learned that no.matter what this fandom HAS to have something every season to hate that overshadows everything else.

      Next it'll be something Beckett does again later in the season. You just know it's coming. HaHa!

    2. Sorry about typos. I'm on my mobile and editing can suck!

      That should read Castle did everything in his power to show Beckett that he liked her. Hell he even did things he knew that would get under her skin until he finally.... got under her skin in a way that she eventually came to love.

      Pi isn't on enough for me to hate his guts and wish him death.

      I like him. He could be much worse.

      In any case, I love seeing Castle and Beckett at odds. You knew she was a little too perfect in the beginning, but as we age we do things that our parents won't like. This is Alexis growing up. I really loved Beckett's insight and I think Castle listened to her. "Too soon." Let Alexis find out what it's like to be on her own. She may come crawling back with her head between her legs. Face in the sand. Pie in the face. Whatever. Castle may feel victory if this is the case, but he could also feel that way if his little girl prospers on her own. Castle could eventually end up liking Pi.

      Remember how much people hated Gates? Now people love her. It can happen for Pi, too! I don't think some fans have even tried to like him, to be honest. Lol! Btw. Notice I said "can" and not "will."

      I am enjoying the arc. It really does make viewing a show better. I am losing interest in another shiw because of a character that is on wayyyyyy more than Pi and I feel has ruined the dynamic I at one time tuned in for.

      Luckily Pi isn't making me feel that way and why would he? I see him once or twice an episode.

    3. I LOVED GATES! Since the beginning. She brought conflict to the precinct they didn't have with Montgomery.

      I don't see the same thing with Pi. And there is a difference of getting under someones skin to get to know them or help them, etc.

      I see Pi as just a bum that takes advantage of everyone. And I don't find his lines or personality funny. I used to work with someone like him, so maybe there is some cross over hatred but I just can't stand his type of person.

      I like the tension of them working out problems and will they fight or not, because I know they will stay together. and I am all for Pi and Alexis leaving the show.

      I have actually lost all joy in Alexis quite a while ago. I kinda wish they let her go to Stanford and she is on only once or twice a year.

      Caskett eternal fan

      Alexandra Katherine

  3. Sweetie, I enjoyed Will, I enjoyed Gina, I enjoyed Ashley. So please don't assume that just because I hated Demming and Pi, I dont hate all the drama.

    I just don't get how you think he is funny. Just like Daisy. I don't mean to offend you and I KNEW you were kidding about the time travel, but sweetie... I have been on other sites and there is a lot of people that think the time travel is real so I just stated my thoughts on that issue.

    I don't attack you, but I don't get how you think that just because some fans complain about a thing about a season that they overshadow everything else. I love 99.9 percent of this show. The only things I have hated were Demming story line, and I just think the actor that plays Pi is bad. that simple.

    I complained about the writers doing to Kate's character at times, because I felt they were letting her off easy, but there are things I agree with that they let Castle off easy for, Just Kate seems to be let off easier and more often.

    Like I said, I want to be friends with you and I am not attacking you. And you have every right to love a character or storyline and I disagree and vice versa, but I am a dedicted fan and I will stand up for myself. And i TOTALLY disagree that Pi is like Castle in anyway. All people have similarities, no one is completly the same or different but I don't see any similarities to either of them. you can't say 'oh its because he buts into their lives, like Castle did to Kate's.' Everyone buts into someones life in ways, but if Kate honestly told him to go away, I believe he would. Pi i don't.

    Anyway I am done talking about Pi. I hate him, you like him. Thats awesome. I love 99.9 percent of the show, but I do question some things, I do not consider that being a hypocrite or not a true fan to follow and love everything blindly.

    I stated my opinion and you stated yours. I consider us friends too and I love debating with you but I would appreciate you stopping the assumption of some people are Katers because of a complaint her or there. I have complained just as much about Rick as of Kate.

    Forever Caskett fan, and Castle super fan

    Alexander Katherine.

    Love ya SHAWN!! :) never change I love debating.

    1. I am okay with what you said, but my assumptions aren't always directed at you because I am talking to you. Sometimes yes, but not always. In general some fans do complain about any character that is brought in to disrupt the flow. It wouldn't be a message board if we all loved everything about a show. It also is a fact that this fandom gets its panties in a wad over something every season that causes a lot of hatred and complaining towards the writers or the actors or the characters.

      I have no way of knowing if you love Will, Demming, Josh, etc., but I do know the consensus of how this fandom reacts to these characters. In this case of Pi, you do fit in with that group that I was discussing.

      I could say you think I go along blindly with the show and accept eveything, but it's not true. I do love 99.9% of the show as well, but I can also discuss what I dislike and discuss other things in the same episode that I do like.

      You didn't touch on most of what I posted about the episode, but pointed out my like of Pi to debate on. I am used to responses like yours when it comes to a character most of the fandom is hating on online. Like Josh. I.could discuss a million other things besides Josh to enjoy an episode he's featured in, but it was Josh getting most of the buzz above all the growth and progression that was being made in S3. It is what drove me away from a couple of other boards because discussing anything else was futile.

      Pi is getting the same buzz. Pi. Pi. Pi. I get that people hate the character, but he isn't that big on my radar to discount everything else.

      As for Baters or Beckett haters, I am also used to that and expect it in every season. HaHa! Give it time. Beckett will screw up again and hatred will be ignited all over.

      It would be nice to discuss other parts of an episode instead of always debating about whether he is liked or not. It's clear to me he's disliked. I pointed that out. My opinion is that Pi isn't supposed to create warm and fuzzy feelings inside and is doing his job with getting under people's skin like he is with Castle and moving the story ahead with friction between Castle/Alexis.

      Of course the friction will be overshadowed by the "I hate Pi" discussions coming up once it's aired.

      Pi was just a catalyst tonight to set up the Castle/Alexis drama.

      And I don't see Pi as a user who is taking advantage of people. Alexis invited him to stay at her home. Obviously at some point Pi realized that his staying there was an issue, so he and Alexis discussed it. Pi living on his own was an option that he couldn't afford, so Alexis decided to move in with him and help. Pi must have some source of income because Alexis isn't paying for the apartment by herself.

      If Pi was a user and was taking advantage of people, why is he also contributing to the apartment?

      Sometimes we do transfer feelings onto others based on past experience. I am guilty of that when it comes to debating in the Castle fandom.

      In otherwords, I know I come across a bit harsh in defense of this show because if someone didn't, there'd be nothing but a lot of posts about what one doesn't like about the show. Just go to TvLine after an episode. If Matt Mitovich is pointing out the complaints piling up one post after another and overpowering discussions about the show, then there's an issue.

      Oh, well. I know there's nothing I can do about it. I complain about complaining. Pretty counterprodictive. I have a pretty thick skin and head. I am not going to strike back and say you're wrong. You have a right to your opinion as I do, so don't think I am mad at you. I love a good debate also ;)

  4. I forgot to mention. I feel like Pi is doing.exactly what Marlowe intended. To annoy.and generate discussion and on some forums I see hes being discussed more than Caskett. HaHa!

    So he'll likely.end up staying around a little longer because he's creating buzz. Even negative attention can be good if fans are so invested in venting their frustrations. Show runners and networks enjoy that, especially if the intent is to rile up the audience and make you root for the good guy.

    I.doon't think he's being written to make people jump for joy and wish him to be around forever and to root for him. I just happen to like him and find him amusing.and love the reaction others have with his presence. I also can appreciate Pi because he has put Castle in a position where he has put Alexis on notice that there are rules and boundaries that need to be met if they're to live in his place. Not for a million years would he think it would lead to Alexis moving out, but it looks like Alexis had already discussed this with Pi before discussing it with her father. It mirrors what Castle did with Beckett. Of course he's the parent and doesn't have to discuss everything with Alexis, but I can see Alexis, who's been spoiled for a while using Pi to lash out at her dad. But what if she really does care for Pi and wants to be on her own to see where things lead? She's a teenager. Teenagers generally think they have the answers to everything when they really don't.

    I think Marlowe is.clearing house for Caskett living together in the near future. I also expect them to address Martha's living situation one of these days. Martha may stick around. I can see that happening to keep her involved in the story. Alexis is in college now, so the writers are trying to be creative with getting her out of the nestx but also to keep her around as well. It's a risk, but not one I see being too threatening to their main focus, which is the Caskett relationship and the crime of the week.

    I really hope Pi is seen more than Owen and Ashley and Max if Alexis will be with him this season. We don't need to see him or Alexis no more than one scene an episode and hopefully with Castle and/or Beckett involved in it in some way.


    I can't wait to see Beckett/Alexis/Castle working together in episode 7!

    1. Totally agree Shawn and I can't wait for her moving out and the baby episode. This season has been the best. and I do see your point and agree with it. Pi is there for that specific reason.

      I just think he is a bad actor and character. If this was another actor and type of character. I would not mind it. I just really hate the hippie, push my life style on you and take everything from your house and fridge and walk in without knocking type of people.

      If this was a bad boy smoker motorcycle, I wouldn't mind it as much. I just hate hippie characters like Pi and think the actor isn't any good.

      Curious on your thoughts of some fans loving the idea of them introducing time travel as 'real' though I believe it is fake, see my comment below.

      Caskett forever and always
      Alexandra Katherine

      P.S. We should totally talk more Shawn, like email or instant message or text!

    2. I don't think Myko is terrible, but his character is being written to have not much depth. I don't think any other actor could do much better given the lack of substance in which the Pi character is being written.

      I think up to this point that was the intent, but that could change if the writers decide to keep him around.

      At first people were aginst Captain Gates and loathed the way she treated Castle, but over time they gave Gates a bit more personality other than attacking Castles character and the fandom grew to love her. Like you, I loved her from the beginning, but for a while there were some pretty nasty complaints about her in the beginning. That isn't happening as often now. That may happen with Pi.

      When Castle stepped on the belt buckle at the beginning, Pi was very apologetic. He seemed sincere. I think the writers having Alexis discuss with Castle their plans to move was to show us that Pi didn't plan to freeload very long. He lost his passport and couldn't get back home. Maybe he has some cash saved up or maybe he got his passport and has decided to stay in NY to be with Alexis, but I don't think Pi is just using Alexis or trying to take advantage of her. Alexis may be using him to lash out at Castle. Maybe she genuinely likes Pi.

      Too soon still for me to want him to die a slow death as I read elsewhere or for Myko to be fired or removed from the show soon. I may end up.that way, but for now, i'm okay with him.

  5. Anyway, on a whole other note... going to other sites and reading how some people believe he really was from future and how awesome that the show did that... and getting in a debate with someone that said 'Its only for one episode and they will never bring it up, but its just that time travel is real'

    I said, you can't open Pandora's Box like that and just ignore something as Reality universe existence changing as time travel and shelf it never to address it again. I CANNOT see Kate as a Senator, if she hated being an Agent for a grey area DC, there is not way she could deal with it with all senators being corrupt.

    My thought is that it is like the whole ghost episode. This I agree with my buddy Shawn one hundred percent. Castle likes for the audience to make the final decision on things, just like the ghost episode 'are ghosts real? or not' and not give a definate answer. But even not truly addressing it, I can't see how some fans are loving the possiblity time travel is real in this type of show.

    Caskett lover
    ALexandra Katherine

    1. To you, Alexandra Katherine and Shawn...cheers for your debate...really good.

      I'd just like to thank Robert Duncan for his incredible music scores and, about this episode, tell him that I really did appreciate, about the 39th minute, his reminding of "Star Trek" musical instrumentation....That is fun!!!!

      This guy is really good!!..

    2. Speaking of "Star Trek"...

      Was *very* glad to see Tim Russ again... (aka: "Tuvok" from Star Trek:Voyager ). He fit into this episode marvelously...

      Perhaps that was the source/inspirations for the Trekkie instrumentation? Let alone all the future-speak about the energy wars, tachyon generators, and the time stream continuum... or being a temporal anthropologist (a term which was originally coined from Star Trek:Enterprise if I'm not mistaken?)

      All in all - loved it. It was a great throwback with my favorite characters... As Shawn said, it was all left a bit ambiguous, but all of the correlating factors with our two antagonists was meant to do that... While they were interrogating the killer, when asked "where did you come from" by Beckett to figure out his missing history, it was just too easy to believe his smirk was saying "it's not WHERE detective... But WHEN...".. Kudos to Andrew Marlowe and Terri Edda Miller for writing the sub-text.. And to Rob Bowman for translating that to the screen.. You've made a lot of sci-fi (and Star Trek) fans happy...

  6. I think the time traveler bit was left ambiguous for us, like Caskett, to wonder if it was possible that Doyle was from the future, but I don't think he was. He was probably in the psych ward and met Ward that way and the whole disappearing act could be explained as someone releasing him by error in holding and that Castle just missed his exit in the end. Lol!

    We've had vampires and werewolves, zombies, ghosts, alternate worlds (The Blue Butterfly), Aliens, and well this is Castle. Lol! Why not a time traveler?

    The whole Beckett is a Senator bit. I think it's possible. She took Pre-Law in school, right? She wanted to become the first female Chief of Justice, so maybe she gets into Politics somewhere down the line and her path deviates into being a Senator instead.

    I think sky's the limit for Beckett. She failed as Federal Agent, but I don't think that'll stop her from wanting to make a difference on another level outside of being a cop.

    1. Anything is possible, but she absolutely hated the level of grey areas and back alley closed door dealings of DC. I cannot see Kate as a Senator. To me it would be a person becoming a surgeon and being deathly ill at the sight of blood.

      All government officials that high have some level of corruption they have done. I can't see Kate kissing butt, or making 'deals' in Washington. I do see her as a Captain one day. But nothing above that. And just because you might get offer doesn't mean that job is more special and prestigious.

      She can do just as much and more as a detective and really a public figure and foundation Castle made for her then being a senator.

      Call me pessimistic but all government officials are corrupt in some way and i just can't see Kate doing grey deals after that's what happened to her mother and later with the virus and Castle. And going into it to be the ONE crusader doesn't work. They wouldn't get elected and nothing done.

      Even Abraham Lincoln wrote on how he hated being I'm politics because he hated having to 'play the game' and if you don't play the game you get nothing done.

      just can't see Beckett (a seeker of justice and truth) surviving in a world were their are no morals and pure greed.

      Caskett always...

      Alexandra Katherine

    2. Of course there are crooked politicians. Just like there are crooked cops, but not all politicians and cops are corrupt. To think so is a bit presumptuous and unfair of those who do do some good in those positions. Not all Catholic priests are child predators. I'm just saying. It is easy to think all politicians, cops, and priests are corrupt, but it is not a fact.

      She could just as easily be a crooked cop and honestly Beckett has done some unsavory things being a cop when it comes to solving her mom's case, so I can't say Beckett is above doing something she doesn't like in order to get the job done. Everyone at some point in their careers have to do something they don't like for their superiors. You may not think you kiss ass, but in a way we all make sacrifices to stay employed. When you work under someone, you do have to play the game, so to speak, to stay employed.

      It doesn't matter in any case. We will never see her become a Politician, but I don't see her being a Senator as impossible.

      Btw, being a Captain you definitely have to stay on the good side of the Mayor and Police Commissioner and if you don't think ass kissing goes on or protocol needs to be followed and pressure to make sure your precinct is following protocol and meeting certains goals, etc. with the Captain and his superiors, then you need to read up on it.

      Even Iron Gates is shown to melt when dealing with her superiors. I don't think Beckett as a Captain would be any different.

    3. Although I haven't watched the episode yet.

      To be honest I can't see Beckett going anywhere politics even as a senator. If you look back, she got badly burnt when she was in D.C and was unable to compromise her own moral views of what she thought was justice. I feel this would only happen again if she became a senator.

      Also you have to look at the source of the information, the guy is a complete nutjob. I bet in his own strange world, he could claim that (deep breath) Pi was an 'evil clone' sent from the future to prevent Alexis from becoming the president of the United States and achieving world peace.

      I don't know about the last bit about Alexis. But I do find Pi annoying, however, I have to agree with you shawn about Pi's future and what the part he has to play in both Castle/Kate/Alexis life - it is his destiny!!!!!


    I definitely can imagine Beckett as a politician but I just don't see her going down that path. She's made clear that honoring the victims and bringing the bad guy to justice is the most important thing in her job and I think that like in D.C. it's not that easy in politics, and that's one of the reasons D.C. didn't work out.

    Considering the theme of this episode, I was really happy that Marlowe & co chose the time traveling theme. That way we have those little theories from Castle that drive Beckett nuts, which by the way is one of the many reasons I fell in love with this show, and also its a smooth way to bring up issues or topics that Castle and Beckett are gonna have to deal with in the future. I absolutely loved her look when the guy said that thing about 3 kids and also later when Castle brought it back up. I love how they have grown and that they at least consider it, both, and that none of them is backing up at the topic.
    First I was afraid, when I read the spoilers that they they won't be that much Caskett scenes as in the last episodes but I gotta say that I'm really happy about this episode because there's kind of that old "pulling the pigtails"-atmosphere and still some romantic with the coffee and the topic children. The end broke my heart a little when Castle said "too soon." ugh that poor dad. I adores how Beckett sighed not sure if she's gonna hurt him with what she's gonna say but I love that she tried to give him advice like before. Can't wait for the episodes to come, where we can see how Alexis and Pi live together and also the episode where Alexis needs her father's and Beckett's help. Pi doesn't really annoy me, I think that he has a really important role for Alexis and Castle in both their lives and that he is there for a reason.

    Especially excited for the baby episode but I'm really glad we got some of that mystical mysterious theme again.

    1. Great post!

      I also loved the time traveler theme and the race to save Deschile at the end.

      I'm not a Trekkie, but I do enjoy the new movies starring Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. As a kid my grandparents watched Star Trek so much and all I.wanted to do was watch anything but. Lol! I.was more into Star Wars than Star Trek.

      And I also loved Beckett's sigh... she didn't want to upset or hurt him with what she had to say. And in the end I think he took her advice.

      Good stuff.

      I can't wait this episode again!

    2. Thank you!

      Yes! The race was really thrilling I really loved it too.

      I agree, I think that he kind of refers to their conversation when he says "Too soon", because she said that Alexis is growing up and he tries to accept it, although it is so hard for him.

      I really loved that it's got some of the old chemistry and approach but still it's moving forward.

  8. I absolutely LOVED the ending with the coffee stain on the letter. More specifically, I loved that they leave Kate with just a shred of doubt about her own opinion of this bogus man from the future. Beckett and Esposito constantly scoff at Castle's beliefs and are loathed to give them any credence. Occasionally they get caught revealing some of their own secrets, like Espo watching Dr Who and Kate being a Nebula 9 fan.

    For whatever its worth, I agree with Alexandra Katherine's comment above. I too find Pi irritating with few (if any) redeeming qualities. This is obviously his role this season or AM would have him written otherwise. Still, knowing he is there to serve a larger/hidden purpose doesn't make me like him any more. Similarly, I don't like how they are writing Alexis' character this season, but again, that too is likely by design. Referring to her comment to her dad saying she has always been the mature and logical one in the family, I'm wondering if they might be using her cockiness to illustrate just how much Castle has matured in the last few years. Traditionally, she likely was the sound thinker while Castle was the immature man-child. However, since meeting Kate, he has matured significantly and become much wiser. He tried to tell her that her on-line blog was dangerous, but she wouldn't listen. As a result, she ended up providing enough personal information to get herself kidnapped. If her moving in with Pi goes south, she may begin to see that her dad is a LOT wiser than she gives him credit for and that Kate may be largely responsible for this positive change in her father. In the end, this realization may help create a special bond between Alexis and Kate.

    1. I guess we have too wait till ep7 till we get an answer about the whole alexis + castle thing and how beckett will be involved in this specialy now we know that beckett will talk with lanie about the problem castle currently has with alexis.

    2. I absolutely love what you said about Castle maturing and Beckett's influence on that. Not that he didn't always have that fatherly side of him with Alexis, however, he has grown far and beyond the guy in The Pilot that wanted her to stay up late and join in on the partying around them. After years of discussing Alexis with Beckett and hearing about how Beckett had a wild child side and her teasing him about his little girl eventually doing the same, I think Castle has been listening and taking some of her advice. Not to mention the same with his mother. I love the bonding with Caskett and Castle/Martha when it comes to Alexis.

      I know some fans are upset with the lack of an obvious huge romantic moment between Caskett in this episode, having them discuss Alexis and their future as a married couple and the way they interacted with Ryan and Espo and Lanie took me back to the early years of the show with the chemistry of the entire cast on full display. Good case with lots of twists and turns and Castle pulling Beckett's pig tails and her really not minding in spite of an eye roll or a scoff, along with bad ass Espo tackling Doyle, Ryan getting caught up in a Castle theory, and Lanie debunking a Castle or Beckett theory about who the killer is.... and some fans want to be upset and go back to the Caskett didn't act like a couple complaints of S5. I saw a couple in love dealing with Castle's daughter's situation and discussing what that could mean for their future and back together working the crime of the week again.

      This won't go down as the best episode ever, but I love that Beckett is there to support Castle as he has for her with her mom's case and the change in her career. Some fans wanted Castle to have his own storyline and back to back we have had episodes heavily focusing on Castle.

      Marlowe can't win for losing.

      As for Pi the fact that so many are annoyed and irritated by him means the character is doing his part.

      Just like Castle predicted about the blog, he's probably right to be against her moving in with Pi, but one of the things I love about Castle is his love and patience and ability to understand that some things are out of his control. In Watershed he stated he needed to stop pretending that things will go the way he wants them to and to see them for how they really are. Well he's dealing with this with Alexis as he did with Beckett. I just hope for his sake that his little girl flies on her own and the sky's the limit and that she doesn't crash and fall now that he's let her go.

      I love this arc since the Castle/Alexis relationship has always been one of my fav parts of the show, as well as the Castle/Martha/Alexis dynamic. I put these relationships as being just as important to the show as the Caskett dynamic. Over the past couple of seasons the writing went away from that some, but now that Castle and Beckett are a couple, I think Castle's family accepting Beckett as part of the family can be a great thing to explore and I think we're beginning to see this come to fruition given how Beckett got involved with the situation tonight. Plus there's more to come.

      I can't wait!

    3. I get the feeling that one of the problems between Castle and Alexis, is that she has got so used to the fact that she has always been the sensible one.

      For a long time she'd had been in effect, the adult of the household, with both Martha and Castle acting childlike, whilst still maintaining father/daughter relationship. Now she is in a situation, where not only has her father matured since meeting Beckett but is also engaged to her as well. Could it be possible that, the reason she has been reacting the way she is out of her comfort zone, the kidnapping has only made this worse. It was the same when she spun out of control after being rejected for Stanford. It could also be why she hooked up with Pi, to discover her new comfort zone.

      All she need's to do now, is to find her place in the world and Castle has to let her go.

      In order to do this, he is going to need both Martha's and Beckett's full support, which he is going to get with the added bonus of Lanie's advice as well. So he knows that he won't alone in dealing with the situation.

    4. I think you may have a point in the Castle/Alexis maturity thing!:)

  9. Just gotta say, I thought the whole approach of bringing Pi into the house without talking to her father showed a ton of disrespect and manipulation.

    What I mean is that if she, Alexis, respected and trusted her father she would have come to him and said, "Dad, I've got this friend...", explain the situation and trust that he would find a way to help out.
    But instead she moves him in and creates a bad atmosphere for everyone in the house. In the Paley Fest interview, Molly Quinn mentioned that she wanted to take care of Pi. So maybe thats what this is all about.

    I get that they are trying to use this to propel a character arc but it just feels wrong.

    If I brought someone home to live at my parents house, a house where they are paying for food, electricity and so on, and I didn't have a discussion with them ahead of time, I would have been in real trouble. The reason I would be in trouble would be for lack of respect. By doing what Alexis did, I would be showing my parents that I don't respect them. And that is what really gets me about this situation.

    As for the manipulation part, you can see that Alexis knows how hard this is for her father and seems to enjoy it. Like when they turn on the blender in Need To Know, she says, "I hope we didn't wake you." and then gives this innocent look. Wrong, so wrong.

    If Pi, had any real character, as a character (smile) he would have talked to Castle and shown us that he isn't just some sleezy, fruitboy. Granted Castle can't stand to hear him speak but he would have tried to listen and helped us (those annoyed by Pi) to respect him.

    I am looking forward to seeing Caskett move forward and to the baby episode.

  10. Holy crap some of you write LONG comments!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hey Shawn, you and James have got me to take a second look at Pi and I will give him a break because honestly I am directing a ton of hate on him because of Alexis and me not wanting to be mad at her. I agree with the notes some have said that she has gotten really disrespectful to her father and I get the direction of the place Andrew is going and I will give benefit of doubt to him. Just hope they get rid of Pi and bring in a normal person for her to date. But you are completly right in the saying that he is doing his job in us hating him. I just still think he isn't a good actor..

    Can I just say that I am so glad we can debate (all of us, not just me and Shawn) and respect eachother. Going to other sites or forums and being blasted or questioned on if I am a true fan or not. I really enjoy it here and you guys are the best!

    Glad that you guys don't take the 'he is a real time travler' seriously. I like the nod of questioning it from Kate. Just like the elevator in Demons with the ghost "pressing the button" but in all seriousness he is NOT from the future. My opinion.

    You guys rock!

    Castle Always and Caskett forever!

    Alexandra Katherine

  12. I had doubts if I would like the episode after seeing some mixed feelings from the fans about it, but I really enjoyed it! Not as much as last week´s, but that would hard because "Number On Fan" made it to my list of favourite Castle episodes:). I think this one was a classic Castle!

    About the case of the week,,,it was intriguing abd a bit different, since the killer was known sooner than usual. I´m not much into sci-fi and I don´t believe the guy was from the future, but that doesn´t mean I´m not able to see the fun in it! In a way, it reminded me of "Back to the Future", wich I loved, particulary the 1st one! I never bought the time travelling in it, but I had so much fun watching Michael J.Fox selling it!:)
    About Alexis and Pi...honestly Pi doesn´t bother me and I can understand Alexis wanting to grow up...yes, I think moving in with a guy she barely knows isn´t the wisest thing to do, but she really is an adult now and has the right to do so; and I´m glad she´s doing it on her own and not waiting for Castle to pay for it! And I do think she has a point when she asked Castle if at 19 he wasn´t living with his girlfriend and he said yes; I suppose it was Kyra and she was more or less his age, so she had also left her family to live with him. At this point, even if it costs him, Castle has to give her wings and let her fly; of course she´ll make mistakes, but she has to go trough it to know it really was a mistake. Even Kate told him her dad wanted to kill the 1st guy she moved in with and that only made her want to be with the guy even more! So, if he pressures her he´ll only pull her apart. He needs to be there for her when she needs him (and judging by the pics for next episode I think he is at leas trying).
    Now, about Castle/Beckett; this episode hadn´t the kisses but I didn´t miss it; what made the episode for me is that I realised once more how much their relationship is growing: it was sweet seeing Castle seeking her advice about Alexis and she telling him to look for their future even if he can´t hold Alexis hand now; and the 3 kids - she freaked out about it being 3, not the kids subject! As if having kids together was only a normal thing! A few episodes ago, I´m sure her reacton wouldn´t have this way:)
    Of course there will some bumps, but who is the couple, even married for a long time, that doesn´t have them?!
    All in all, a fun and enjoyable episode!

    And sorry for the long comment:)

  13. To be honest, this wasn't one of my favourites episodes.
    First, alexis and pi are getting annoying, but imo, this is just a way to make beckett move in to the loft.
    About the case, didnt like, is not the kind of story i enjoy.
    About caskett, loved to see kate giving wife advices about alexis. Was really sweet.
    That part about tree kids? Omg #dead! :D senator? Awesome

    Wanna see kate pregnant

  14. I enjoyed the episode in that is was back to classic Castle. I was actually proud of Alexis for calling out her Dad on his double standard: ok for him to live with someone but not her. She's right, it is her decision and she has every right to make it. It's just really hard for Rick to let her go because really, she's been the center of his universe for a long time. Both Kate & Martha told him to not make a big deal of Pi and let her go. As a parent, we want the best for our children and we try to mentor them to not make the mistakes we made. Ultimately, if I'm honest, it did my parents no good to try to help me not get hurt or disappointed. I needed to find out for myself. I appreciate that Alexis is willing to pay her way and save her Dad's money on the dorm--mature decision. I really believe this is just Alexis finding her own way and learning who she is on her own. Yes, it might also be just as Kate said--her trying to figure out where she fits in with Caskett. I haven't viewed as spiteful or disrespectful because as viewers we don't always get to see the scenes/talks that we should assume have taken place. I seriously doubt that in over a month of Pi, Castle & Alexis haven't talked about it.
    All we have really seen of Pi is that he is written to be annoying. Maybe he will turn out to be the genius Alexis sees. If he doesn't, she moves on. Maybe I'm an optimist and believe that Pi may have redeeming qualities we haven't seen. There's hope!
    Remember how crushed she was about not getting into Stanford, new territory for her. With Castle's help she learned to move on. He may need to be there again for her as he will her whole life--parenting.
    As for not seeing enough Caskett moments, I'm fine with what we've been shown so far. I'm ecstatic that both of these characters are secure enough in their relationship to discuss things. I think most of us get that communication was a key to their insecurities as a couple. As long as they continue to grow and deal with the bumps all relationships face, I'm all in!
    Loved that Marlowe & Co left the is time travelling real up to the individual viewer. Hey, I may not believe and I wouldn't rule out that it could be possible. I'm a crime drama junkie who is new to Castle and I enjoy the romance, comedy, character relationships, and Caskett. A lighter side of crime fighting!

  15. And yet again, the writers fall back on a common trope for them: when they can't think of anything for Alexis to do they have her make an irrational decision. I honestly hope this blows up in her face... badly.

    1. I don't know about anyone else but I can say when I was 19 I didn't have a clue, Alexis is so far above where I was at that age. Maybe it isn't about the writers being clueless as much as it is about them wanting to imitate life in general. Whether it be Alexis, Kate, Rick, Espo, Jenny, or Ryan. Life is not some neat little package we try to bundle it up to be. It's tough, whether that be at my 57 years of age or Alexis' I want to be my own person self. The old business joke is: want to hire someone who knows it all, hire a teenager. As someone who has parented two of them, I get it! I'm astounded that we forget who Alexis has been over 5 seasons; responsible, mature, and a kid we all could dream of being our own. The moment she starts expressing normal teenage growth we throw her under the bus? Really? Alexis is trying to not only find her way in life but trying to figure out as Kate said; how she will fit in the Caskett dynamic. Rick really hasn't been with anyone that means as much to him as Kate. Alexis has no reference point. Kinda like Kate never having been this far in a territory.
      I have never been disappointed in AWM & Co working things out and getting me to their story.

    2. I totally agree with you! Alexis is being writted as a normal adolescent! People tend to forget that at 19 we usually don´t want or accept our parents opinions, no matter how wise we found them later!

  16. Replies
    1. As far as I know sully isn't going to appear in every episode, a bit like Martha, Gates and Alexis.

  17. Did anyone else notice that the coffee stain on the letter changed? When Beckett first spilled the coffee, part of Witfield's surname is covered with coffee (i.e. the "field" in "Witfield" has coffee on it). When she looks up, the murder board copy does not have a stain on the surname. When she looks back down at the original, it now matches the murder board copy (i.e. The coffee stain no longer touches the surname).

    1. Yes Micro, I did and you are correct. I'd guess multiple takes during filming and it didn't get caught!

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