Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TV Guide: Castle's Captain Going Soft?

Thanks to tvfangirl060708 for the article!


  1. Oh, good. That will be nice to see! I've been wanting to know more about her!


  2. http://www.wetpaint.com/castle/gallery/sneak-peek-photos-of-castle-season-4-episode-13-an-embarrassment-of-bitches?fb_pid=1326236311&utm_campaign=vrl&utm_medium=fnpg-castle&utm_source=facebook.com

    pics are up...


  3. Love Gates! Can't wait to see what she shares with Beckett. Makes me think the mayor could be found guilty! That would be a twist, especially if Gates decides to keep Castle around!

  4. Same here! I think Gates is a really interesting character with a lot to offer the show. I really liked seeing Gates finally begin to accept Castle as one of the team back in "Cuffed." Also, I do think she sees his worth, even if she won't come out and say it.

    You know, thinking about 'Dial M for Mayor,' I have a theory. We see in the promo that Gates tells Beckett to find the truth at all costs (i.e. Castle being kicked to the curb). We know she already kicked him to the curb last summer while Beckett was recovering. So, yeah, it's a reasonable assumption that the first thing Gates would do if the Mayor wasn't, well, the Mayor anymore would be to kick him out yet again...for good, this time. However, I don't think she would really do that, Mayor or no Mayor. I think she is challenging Beckett in this episode.

    In "Heartbreak Hotel" Gates sent Castle to AC with Ryan & Espo. She told Beckett outright that she wanted to see what she could do without Castle around. She was challenging her to be the best cop she could be without Castle to help her out. Gates knows what it's like to be a woman in the NYPD. She knows what it takes to command respect and prove oneself to others who think you can't hack it. I think she sees some of herself in Beckett...that same drive & determination...the loyalty to the badge...those things live within both of them.

    So, she puts this challenge before Beckett to test her and see what she's made of. She is pushing her to be the best cop she can be, challenging her to put aside her personal feelings and agenda and get the job done. I don't think, even if the Mayor is guilty, that Gates would get rid of Castle. He's proven himself to be invaluable in the short time Gates has been around. She's a smart cookie. Why would she throw away such a valuable (and free) asset? I just think she wants Beckett to operate under the assumption that solving the case could mean losing her partnership with Castle so Beckett can truly prove her mettle to Gates for once and for all.

  5. I think we'll get pretty good drama. I love when mom and dad argue just like in "The final nail". Obviously there will be a happy ending <3