Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ask Ausiello: Castle Break-up?

Question: Can I have some scoop on Castle? —Lori

A pivotal couple will break things off in the near future, and I can confirm it’s either Gina and Castle or Beckett and this guy. Elsewhere, a new — and rather surprising — interoffice romance will ignite in January.

Source: Ausiello


  1. I hope it's Castle and Gina and then soon after Beckett loses the douche.

    But I think the interoffice is between Lanie and Epso.

  2. Alie - you rock. The biker boy needs to go.
    And yeah, we know it has to be Castle and Gina...then I recall reading a spoiler that indicated him dating someone new after he breaks up with the ex (hoping that NOW they'll break up for good)
    As for Lanie and Esposito - I can't wait!!!

  3. Hey!
    Someone new for Castle??..wth?..I thought, that he'll be single. At least for a while.
    And i also remember that someone said that there'll be an almost kiss??...
    I really can't wait
    And Lanie&'s like Angie and Hogins in Bones for me :D :D
    Gorgeous couple :D

  4. I'm not sure he's going to date anyone else, but from the "Nikki Heat" spoilers I think the actress will get up in his grill full-force flirty and that will light a fire under Beckett's tush. Which I think, if done right, will create some pretty great moments. In my opinion it's time for her to do a lil pining.