Friday, February 27, 2015

7x18 & 7x19 Titles Revealed

Episode 7.18 of Castle is titled "At Close Range" and will air on March 23rd, while episode 7.19 is titled "Habeas Corpse" and will air on March 30th.

Source: SpoilerTV

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Matt's Inside Line: Season 8 Potential

What does it say for a potential Season 8 of Castle that they wrapped up the two major storylines (Bracken, 3XK)? And if this is indeed the last season, shouldn’t the writers already know so that they can properly wrap up the show? –Vaso

I revisited this hot topic with showrunner David Amann the other week — asking, At what point do they need to know which way the wind is blowing with regards to re-signing Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic and possibly locking a renewal? – and his response was this: “Obviously, we’re prepared for whatever comes along, and we’ll adjust as necessary. But we’re hopeful that the show will move forward. In the meantime, we’ll just make the best show that we can.”

Source: TVLine

Thursday, February 19, 2015

7x16 - The Wrong Stuff - Early Reviews

Mega Buzz: Is a Baby on the Way on Castle?

Before Castle's two-parter descended into bloody action, there was a quiet moment where Beckett (Stana Katic) pondered the future child she might have with Castle (Nathan Fillion). But, user Rachel asks, will the show actually impregnate Beckett any time soon

Possibly! "Beckett is looking ahead," executive producer David Amann tells us. "She's trying to figure out what her next step is, and that encompasses family. She's been driven for the better part of her adult life by the death of her mother, which is now resolved. Her relationship with Castle is settled, so she's at a place now where she really needs to be thinking about, 'What does she want that future to be?' It seems like children are going to naturally be a part of that discussion."

That said, it may still be a while before we see any baby bumps. "These are all good questions that she's asking herself," Amann says. "I don't think she has any of the answers yet, but she's asking the questions because she needs to figure out where she's headed."

Source: TV Guide